Bua, pronounced Boo’ah, is the Gaelic Irish word for Win or Victory. Bua is an underdog’s Irish whiskey and as such we tip our hat to all of you who are striving towards something, working on a dream or fighting a quiet fight. Here’s to the small guys and gals, the hard workers and all those that won’t give up.

Just like the intrepid tortoise in Aesop’s fable, we at Bua embrace our smallness and our underdog resilience in this big world of Irish Whiskey. We have strived to bring you a genuine Irish whiskey with a true depth of flavour, an unapologetically rich nose and a lasting finish. Inspired by the spirit of our founders, Bua is strong in character, smooth in delivery, approachable by nature and lively in presence.

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Bua's Five Barrel Maturation

Product of Ireland Triple Distilled Five Barrel Maturation Non-chill Filtered No Added Colouring No Added Flavouring

On the nose, Bua gives off some gentle vanilla and orange notes, accompanied by some pine and floral. If left to open in the glass, after a few short minutes all the aromas of a fruit bowl come out…sweet grapes, green apple, pear and more.

On the palate, Bua comes to the table with lasting caramel, some gentle spice and vanilla. There are also sweet dried fruit notes there for those who look and a dark sugar and crème brûlée finish from that freshly charred barrel maturation.

In appearance Bua shows a vibrant light amber, closely coating the glass, hinting at Bua’s rounded body and impressive mouthfeel.