Bua’s Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned style cocktail is an essential expression to try with any good whiskey. This recipe pulls at some of the rounder flavours in Bua coming from the use of bourbon barrels in our maturation. Ingredients: 75ml / 2.5oz Bua Irish Whiskey 5ml / .25oz agave syrup / 1 1tsp crème de cacao Garnish […]

Tropical Whiskey Sour

We’re not known to be very tropical in Ireland. In fact we’re a nation of champion sunburners. But we can get tropical with this little Bua number. Ingredients: 60ml / 2.0 oz Bua Irish Whiskey 30ml / 1.0 oz pineapple juice 20ml / .75 oz lime juice 20ml / .75 oz simple syrup 10ml / […]

Bua’s Irish tea

Hard beat a cup of tea they say. Why not Bua it up a little..? Ingredients: 45ml / 1.5oz Bua Irish Whiskey 20ml / .75 oz lemon juice 20ml / .75 oz black tea syrup 5-6 mint leaves Garnish with a mint bouquet Preparation: Combine all ingredients, including mint leaves, in a shaker tin, add […]

The Hare, the Tortoise and the Mule.

Bua’s signature mule style cocktail combines simple classic ingredients with something a little unexpected in a your average mule cocktail. Ingredients: 45ml / 1.5oz Bua Irish Whiskey 5ml / .25oz Islay Scotch 20ml / .75oz lime juice 15ml / .5oz honey syrup Top with your favourite ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge. Preparation: […]

Bua…Soo hot right now

Warm and comforting, this little number just works. A journey to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. Ingredients: 45ml / 1.5oz Bua Irish Whiskey 15ml / .5 oz Amaro Averna 1 tsp cinnamon syrup Top with hot apple cider and garnish with apple slice Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a mug, stir, top with […]

The Tipperary

Our delicious take on a classic Irish whiskey cocktail, sure to have you craving another one, and another one, and another.. Ingredients: 50ml Bua Irish Whiskey 15ml Green Chartreuse © 15ml Sweet Vermouth 2 Dashes bitters Stir over ice and strain into a lowball glass with one large rock of ice. Garnish with an expressed […]

As the barrels intended!

What better way to enjoy a Bua Irish Whiskey, than neat? Exactly as our five unique barrels intended it. Pick your favourite glass and pour yourself a treat. If you like it cold, try adding one large rock of ice to drop the temperature a little.